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The Financial Impact Of Albert Haynesworth's Trade Demand

The Washington Post has offers a bit of clarity on just how much money the Redskins will have payed for a one year rental at DT, from Jason Reid.

The Redskins had hoped to trade Haynesworth before they paid his $21 million bonus -- believed to be the largest in NFL history -- on April 1, according to people familiar with the situation. They continued their efforts to move him during the three-day April draft, multiple league sources said, but did not receive the offers they sought in exchange for a player who already has been paid $32 million of the then-record $41 million he was guaranteed.

That money was part of the seven-year, $100-million contract Haynesworth signed in February of 2009. Haynesworth is guaranteed another $9 million in base salary over the next two seasons.