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The Financial Ramifications Of Albert Haynesworth's Holdout

Details are still murky on what steps the Washington Redskins can take in punishing Albert Haynesworth for his holdout. Some of the options as laid out by Pro Football Talk:

Some (including Haynesworth's camp) think that the Redskins may only fine him the CBA-authorized amount that falls in the range of $10,000.  Others think that a portion of the 2010 allocation from his $5 million initial signing bonus can be pursued.  Still others think that the conversion of his $21 million April 1 roster bonus into a bonus that operates like a signing bonus, with allocations spread out over multiple years, makes the payment subject to partial forfeiture.

Personally, I don't think it matters how much you hit him for, as long as you start hitting him. Maybe Snyder can use some of that money he extracted from long time season ticket holders to pay his lawyer fees.