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Looking Back: Albert Haynesworth's First Press Conference With The Redskins

Matt Terl of the Redskins blog took a look back at some of Albert Haynesworth's comments from his first press conference after he signed his free agent contract last offseason. Hope you're sitting down.

On where he'll find motivation after receiving that much money:

"You're not going to remember Albert Haynesworth as a bust or the guy who had the Dallas incident or anything. You will remember him as a great player and that's what I live for.

"You know, the money's awesome. It's great. But I'm out here, when I line up in front of somebody, when I put the helmet on, it's to kick butt and it's to make sure that guy knows that I'm the best player to play against. After the game or something you can think about the money, but during that game ... I'm gonna make sure he knows that I'm the best player. Any team that faces me, they're gonna have to worry about me.

On how much responsibility is on him:

"Well, I mean with the contract it's gonna be all on me. My job is, if you don't see me being really as productive, I'm gonna probably be drawing double-teams and triple-teams and it's gonna be freeing up our other guys to make plays. So to kind of judge how I'm doing, you can just see how we're doing as a team and how we're performing as far as a defense.

"So as long as the defense is performing well ... I mean, it's kind of hard to go up from number four in the league, but it's a little bit easier to go up in the sack [totals], because other guys can get sacks too."

On his expectations of himself:

"When I go out on the field and play, I want to be the best player on the field, and my goal is to be the best player on the field, and to eventually get to that Hall of Fame status and be mentioned with Reggie White, Bruce Smith, and all the greats. That's where I want my name. So coming into this free agency, that's kind of what happened, but it's just only the first step."

That sounds like a guy who is ready to contribute to a winning football team. The comments Albert made last night, do not. Hard to believe he made such an unbelievable u-turn in just one season.