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Len Pasquarelli Places The Likelihood of Albert Haynesworth Being Traded As A "Six"

The Worldwide Leader has weighed in Albert Haynesworth, and ESPN scribe  Len Pasquarelli believes that the chance that Albert Haynesworth is traded is a "six' on a 1-10 scale.

DT Albert Haynesworth, Washington: He has balked at a switch to the 3-4, stayed away from voluntary workouts and asked for a trade on Tuesday.That won't sit well with new coach Mike Shanahan. He's due guaranteed salaries of $3.6 million for 2010 and $5.4 million for 2011, but the Redskins paid him an option bonus of $21 million this spring, so the really big money is out of the way. Motivation is a question and, outside of '08, he has only two seasons with more than five sacks. Likelihood: 6.

Players mentioned by Pasquarelli who were more likely to be traded than Haynesworth: Jared Gaither, Sage Rosenfels, and Marshawn Lynch. Looking at that list, I don't believe that any of those players is significantly more valuable than Albert Haynesworth