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Redskins Players and Staff Not Pleased With Albert Haynesworth's Absence

The Washington Redskins first drills may have been rained out today, but that gave the both players and coaches more time time to discuss the issue of the day: Albert Haynesworth. Rick Maese, the Redskins Beat Reporter for the Washington Post was at Ashburn, and captured the tenor of the team on his twitter feed.

Donovan McNabb, was typically even keeled in his response:

McNabb on Haynesworth: We want him here. We want all the pieces of the puzzle here.

London Fletcher, however, was not pleased, and let both Haynesworth and the media know it:

Fletcher: Albert made a very selfish decision.

Fletcher: This is no different than what we saw last year... One man is not going to stop what we're going to accomplish.

Fletcher: I want teammates who I can depend on, who I can count on,,, he's shown he can't be depended on.

Now, teeing off on your fellow players is almost unheard of unless you're Terrell Owens. So one would expect Shanahan to perhaps alleviate the situation a bit. Nope. Again from Rick Maese:

Shanahan says the team gave Haynesworth's agent permission to seek trade.

Shanahan is not happy Haynesworth took the big check w/ understanding he'd do whatever was asked... And then not show up.

Shanahan says he learned of Haynesworth's intentions from media reports. Won't comment on fines.

Shanahan seems to say if Haynesworth chose to give back money, trade would make more sense.

So, not only are Albert's teammates angry at him, but he didn't even have the guts to tell the Redskins that he wasn't showing up today. Which makes him not only a huge complaining baby, but a coward as well. Thank goodness London Fletcher is willing to speak his mind on the subject.