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Potential Landing Spots For Albert Haynesworth

Now that the initial shock has somewhat subsided from Albert Haynesworth'd trade request, the list of potential suitors for the defensive tackle is starting to become a little clearer. From Frank Tadych of NFL Blogs:

Throughout the offseason, the list of potential suitors for Haynesworth has centered on the Titans, Lions and Vikings. Each team runs a 4-3 defense, and could be argued has a need for a defensive tackle. As NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora noted in his weekly chat with fans Wednesday, all three of those teams have discussed the possibility internally at various points this offseason.

The Titans, Haynesworth's former team, seem to be the front runner even though they let him walk just over a year ago. They have had an Albert Haynesworth shaped hole in their defensive line ever since he left, and their defense has suffered as a result.

The Vikings have one of the strongest front fours in the NFL, but Pat Williams, one of their startin DT's, is starting to get old. In an uncapped year, it might make sense to bring Albert Haynesworth in to help with the pass rush.

The Lions, well the Lions will take anyone they can get. But I question whether Albert Haynesworth is the type of influence they want on Ndamukong Suh, especially because they share the same position and will be fighting each other for playing time. Stay tuned.