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Report: NFL Players Association Advised Albert Haynesworth About Holdout

It appears that Albert Haynesworth did not make his decision to hold out on his own. According to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, he talked to the NFL Players Association before making his move.

The NFL Players Association advised Albert Haynesworth about the possible disciplinary action he might face from the Redskins for skipping this week's mandatory minicamp, including the potential forfeiture of a prorated portion of his signing bonuses, two people familiar with the situation said Wednesday.    

It's unclear whether the NFLPA told him not to hold out and Haynesworth disregarded the advice.

The NFLPA also told Haynesworth that he would probably win if the Redskins attempted to go after his $21 million bonus check as long as Haynesworth reported to training camp. Therefore, Haynesworth realizes that he probably needs to go to training camp to make the best of a bad situation.