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In Pretending Not To Be A Jerk, David Falk Proves He Is One

Ever since word came out that Evan Turner refused to workout for the Wizards, eyes have been focused on his agent, David Falk, who has a contentious history with the franchise.

As Wizards Insider notes, however, Falk no longer harbors any ill will toward Washington, and his relationship with the late Abe Pollin did not impact his decision to steer his client away from the nation's capital.

Read Falk's comments below the jump.

"The cold war between the Wizards and me is over. We're in a new era," said Falk, who ended his long-standing pledge not to attend Wizards games after Pollin died last November. "This perception of Turner not working out is a continuation of a previous feud -- the feud is over."

Falk said he has a solid relationship with Leonsis and is looking forward to when he "puts his stamp on the team. I've been waiting for this day [Leonsis's takeover] ever since that day I recommended Michael come over [nearly 11 years ago]."

So if I'm reading correctly - and I believe I am - David Falk is not the bad guy. The bad guy is the revered Abe Pollin, a man known for his willingness to enact positive change in the community and responsible for bringing two beloved sports franchises to the heart of Washington, D.C.

Now that Pollin's no longer with us, Falk can finally attend Wizards games. Thankkkkkkkk Jebus. His reaction upon hearing the news of Pollin's death must have rivaled only the worldwide celebration following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Except with more douche.

But hey, my buddy tells me he tips caddies pretty well on the golf course, so at least he's got that going for him.