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Former Redskins Sound Off On Albert Haynesworth

Redskins Insider has gathered more quotes regarding Albert Haynesworth from the second day of minicamp, this time coming from former Redskins greats.

Mark Moseley, on what they Skins ought to do with their disgruntled defensive tackle:

"My two cents worth: Albert Haynesworth needs to get his ass out of town and go somewhere else," said kicker Mark Moseley, the 1982 NFL MVP. "And I think if the Redskins could do that, they would do that. I don't know the background of all of it, the money parts of it, but when you have a player like that that is that disgruntled, get him out of here. He's a cancer to these guys."

Rick Ervings, who believes fines for missing mandatory team activities need to be substantial:

"It's a team game, bro. I heard he just got his check on April 1. He's not here and this is mandatory. I can understand when you don't come to OTAs because it's not mandatory. Okay, great. But when it's mandatory, you gotta be here and he's not here? You've got to find someway to recoup some of that money, fine him when he's not here. I'm talking $100,000 when he's not here."

Art Monk, questioning Haynesworth's manhood:

"I don't want to get into all that, but he made a commitment to this team and he needs to honor his commitment," Monk said. "Whether he likes it or not he made a commitment. He should be man enough to do that."

Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog also spoke with several Redskins alumni.

Sam Huff, on what motivates a great player:

"This is a team game, it's not an individual game, ok?" former linebacker Sam Huff said. "He may not like to play a 3-4 defense, but how do you know? if somebody's paying you to do a job, you do the job. If you don't do your job with the Washington Post or whoever you're working for, you ain't gonna be around, either, but they're not gonna have to pay you $41 million if they get rid of you. He won't ever have to work another day in his life. I never made that kind of money in my whole life. Money doesn't motivate you, it's not the motivating factor. It's how much heart you have."

George Starke, on the definition of employment:

"I think it's a sad commentary on the year we live in that people contract to do jobs and then they don't do it," former right tackle George Starke said. "I don't care whether it's cutting grass, washing a car, or playing football. You make a deal, you get paid for the deal, do what you're getting paid for."