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Darnell Dockett Discusses Albert Haynesworth With Lavar And Dukes

Arizona DT Darnell Dockett, never shy in voicing his opinion, called into 106.7 The Fan to chat with Lavar Arrington and Chad Dukes this afternoon.

Among the topics the three of them discussed, of course, was the never-ending Albert Haynesworth saga.

The podcast can be found here (H/T Matt Cahill), but for those of you just seeking the gruesome details, I've transcribed them for you below the jump.

Darnell Dockett, on how numbers don't lie:

I mean, me personally, I have nothing against him at all, I think he's a dominant player when he wants to be. When he has his mind right he can go out there and play, you know, for however many plays he can play in a row, for whatever that's worth. [Lavar laughs] To sit there and say he's better than me - my numbers don't lie. You look at all my numbers, my numbers are better than any defensive tackle who plays in this this game, and I've played with guys that aren't even known in the NFL, I've never had two or three dominant defensive linemen next to me, or linebackers, or anything for that matter. So for him to speak on that, that's all good, but my numbers don't lie.

However wrong Dockett may be in comparing himself to other defensive tackles in the league and somewhat disparaging his own teammates, you have to love that he he took a shot at Haynesworth regarding "however many plays he can play in a row, for whatever that's worth."

Then Dockett went on, discussing the impact of Haynesworth's selfish decisions on the rest of the defensive tackles in the league:

He's making it harder for guys like myself, guys like Kevin Williams, guys like Aubrayo Franklin in San Francisco, guys like Jay Ratliff in Dallas. These guys are going out balling every day, showing up at OTA's, things that aren't mandatory, and we've got to come and put down our work and show these teams that we wanna get paid. And you've got a guy who's one of the highest paid defensive tackles in the league and he's not even showing up, and it's like man, you're making it harder for us to get paid. Now teams are looking like, why should we pay this guy 50-60 million when another team paid this guy 100 million, and look at the way he's acting? And that's why I kind of feel insulted by the man.

Memo to Albert Haynesworth: don't mess with Darnell Dockett's pockets.

Dockett, on what it means to be a true football player:

To not want to be a part of the team because you can't play the defense that YOU wanted to play, and they pay you all this money? That's when I came out and said, I mean, I'm a football player. You can put me in any scheme and I'll find a way to make plays because that's what I do. You can put me in a 4-8, 3-4, 5-6, 2-11, whatever you put me in I'm gonna make a play because that's just how I am and I'm not gonna complain about it.

But really, Darnell, who do you really feel about Albert Haynesworth?

For the highest paid player on the team to have an attitude like that, that's just a cancer to the team. Me, personally, I could never say nothing to a guy like that because I don't know where his mind's at. He looks to me like he's selfish.

Now there's a guy who doesn't mince his words.

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