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Misleading Headlines, Starring ESPN

Did you hear about how Albert Haynesworth is headed to Seattle? Yeah, me neither. Unless of course, you're browsing ESPN's NFL page, where this headline was up for a good part of Saturday morning:


Getting a little declarative there, aren't we? I guess as long as you put "Rumors:" in front of your headline, I guess you can say whatever you want. After the jump, some rejected "Rumors:" headlines at SB Nation DC.

Rumors: Haynesworth headed to Golden Corral

Rumors: Wall headed out for Chinese food

Rumors: Restaurant aptly named "Great Wall of China"

Rumors: Wall headed to China

Rumors: LeBron headed to Washington...County, Ohio

Rumors: Arenas headed to Europe

Rumors: Strasburg fans 10, gives air conditioning to others

Rumors: Wall shoots down Wall-E nickname