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The Wave Made An Unfortunate Appearance At Nationals Park Last Night

President Obama wasn't the only one to make a special appearance last night. Nationals Enquirer has video of every casual fan's favorite celebration and every diehard fan's least favorite celebration:

I understand that there were a lot more people in the stands last night than usual, but still, the newbies should have known better than that. The wave is only good in two situations:

  1. Boring minor league games.
  2. Rain delays.

That's it. Any other use of the wave is in really poor taste.

Worst of all, as Chris Needham points out, the wave was poorly timed:

And what's up with the moron fans doing the wave? It started as a way to distract the pitcher and lose his focus. So not only is it something they'd do at Shea, or whatever the hell dump has replace it, but you're doing it at the wrong time!

At least the Commander in Chief had enough decency to stay seated while the wave broke loose last night, and he was rooting for the away team. Step it up, Nationals fans.