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Report: Jammal Brown To Move To Right Tackle, Conflicting Reports On Long Term Extension

Jeff Duncan now has a full report up about the latest regarding a Jammal Brown trade. According to his report, Brown, who is still a restricted free agent, and the Redskins have a long-term deal in place in order to make the trade official.

UPDATE 4:59 p.m.: Pro Football Talk is reporting that Brown will only sign his tender, worth $3.619 million according to the Washington Post, and that Brown has "no complaints" in that regard. We'll see what happens. 

It appears that Brown will give the Redskins some solid protection for years to come, but it may not be at the position you expect. When rumors of a Jammal Brown trade first began, most people assumed that he would be brought in to protect Donovan McNabb's blind side while Trent Williams learned the ropes at right tackle. But Adam Schefter says that isn't the plan at the moment:

Trent Williams and Jammal Brown can play either OT position. But plan will be to start with Williams at LT and Brown at RT. Could change.

Either the Redskins have a lot of faith in Williams to step up and do the job well as a rookie this season, or they don't want to stunt his development by having him switch back and forth between left and right tackle throughout his career. Either way, it appears that the Redskins now have a solid pairing to hold down both tackle positions for next several years.