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Jammal Brown Trade Could Signal Albert Haynesworth's Trade Value

There are quite a few similarities between Redskins defensive tackle/villain Albert Haynesworth and newly acquired offensive tackle Jammal Brown.

Former Pro Bowler? Check.

Once considered best player at his position? Check.

Disgruntled and skipping OTAs? Check and check.

The Redskins will be sending a 2010 third or fourth round draft pick to the Saints in exchange for Brown. Could this be a hint at what the Redskins might expect to receive in a trade for Haynesworth on the open market? Follow along with me here...

We heard rumors that Jammal Brown for Albert Haynesworth straight up was a trade possibility. And the Saints were on the short list of potential target locations for the big defensive tackle on draft day.

Are the Saints no longer interested in Haynesworth? Or is his trade value actually LESS than a third/fourth round draft pick? Big Al has done everything in his power to diminish his own value, so either would be a distinct possibility.