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Artis Hicks: It's A Great Move For Us

Numerous offensive linemen will be affected by the Redskins' acquisition of tackle Jammal Brown. One of them is Artis Hicks, the former Viking and Eagle who had been lining up at right tackle during OTAs and minicamp.

With rookie Trent Williams set to start at left tackle and Brown now slated for right tackle, Artis Hicks will likely have to compete with Mike WIlliams for a spot in the starting lineup at right guard. Hicks spoke with the Washington Post today about this change.

"Well, nothing is etched in stone, but it looks like that's where I'm headed," Hicks said. "I know Mike Williams is going to want to stay there, too, so it's going to be about competition. That's just a good thing for everyone, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure he is, too."

Competition at the right guard position may be easily overlooked as an added benefit of the Jammal Brown trade. No matter who wins out between Hicks and Williams, the Redskins are bound to be better off.