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Chris Cooley: Football Player By Day, Artist And Philanthropist By Night

What is up with the Washington Redskins and off-center hobbies? We talked about Devin Thomas' budding modeling career earlier, and now this from Chris Cooley.


Cooley will be hosting a charity art show where he will auction off some of his very own artwork for a very good cause; the Redskin's Charitable Foundation which helps provides educational opportunities and scholarships to underprivileged kids. More on this after the jump.

Any time a professional athlete gives back to the community its a good thing, but the nature of this event makes it particularly cool-ey (sorry).

During his time in Washington, Cooley has created a gallery full of artwork including over 20 paintings and 250 pieces of pottery. The art show will feature pieces that are available for sale as well as auction to provide guests not only with a wide-variety of artwork, but also a broad-range of prices.

So this is something that Chris has been doing for a while. I think its awesome that he can combine something he can use something that that he clearly has a passion for to benefit others; and apparently so does he:

“I thought doing something I love and am interested in would be so much more real for the public.”

Not only giving back, but keeping it real as well; way to be on top of things Cooley.