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The Redskins Are Running At 94 percent: Yay?

Normally, quotes from athletes and players involving percentages don't amount to a whole lot because they don't mean a whole lot. After all, what does it really mean to play on an ankle that's 90 percent?

But sometimes, there are quotes that throw in a percentage that force you to stop and think. After the Redskins' workout session today, gave one of those quotes via Chris Russell:

Shanahan: "We're at 94%. All I can say is when your at 94, 95 % you feel pretty good about your football team." Would not clarify more.

O ........ kay. Not the typical number you usually see when coaches talk about percentages. This can only mean that he knows the exact percentage the team is running at right now. We have a few questions for Mike Shanahan about how he got to this number after the jump.

What would it take to get to 97 percent?

  • Donovan McNabb completing ten straight passes? 
  • Albert Haynesworth showing up to team workouts?
  • Chris Cooley wearing longer shorts?
  • Chris Cooley wearing shorter shorts?

Likewise, what would it take to drop to 92?

  • Trent Williams giving up a sack? 
  • Devin Thomas dropping a pass?
  • Albert Haynesworth showing up to training camp at 450 pounds?

Coach Shanahan, if you could possibly make your formula for figuring out what percentage your team is running at, analysts and bloggers everywhere would be eternally grateful. We didn't go to school to be astrophysicists.