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Channel Surfing Guide: June 2, 2010

Tonight's recommended viewing options:


7:05 PM, ET - Orioles @ Yankees, MASN. The O's are gunnin' for that numba one the draft.

8:05 PM, ET - Nationals @ Astros, MASN 2. "Ace" John Lannan will be on the mound attempting to help his teammates forget about the bottom of the ninth last night. Thanks for the HD, MASN! Not really, though.

8:15 PM, ET - Reds @ Cardinals, ESPN. The Nats will be right there with one of these teams in the Wild Card race for several months. I'm sure of it.

Bonus Baseball!

1:05 PM, ET (Tomorrow) - Syracuse Chiefs @ Buffalo Bisons, Versus. Stephen Strasburg's last AAA start will be the first baseball game ever aired on Versus. See, he's already breaking records.


8:00 PM, ET - Blackhawks @ Flyers, Versus. I'm gonna say this once and I hope to never have to repeat it: don't ever, EVER, stop hating the Flyers. Ever.

Classic Basketball

8:00 PM, ET - Celtics @ Lakers (1984), ESPN Classic. ESPN could never overhype a rivalry this good, right?


8:15 PM, ET - "Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay," MAX. Don't miss out on Rob Corddry's Oscar deserving performance.


9:30 PM, ET - "Man vs. Food," Travel Channel. The host is cheesy, but so is the food. And cheese is good. Check out the challenge in San Francisco.