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The Internet: Where DC Athletes Solicit Dates

Just yesterday, likely Wizards No. 1 pick John Wall tried to spark a conversation with Kim Kardashian via twitter.

Earlier today, it was announced that a date with Drew Storen would be auctioned off at a Nationals' sponsored charity event on June 7.

And now, Devin Thomas, professional football player amateur model, is joining the internet dating movement:

first girl to guess my correct weight can win a date! fyi im bigger than sources say

Ladies, your move.

Devin Thomas is listed at 215 pounds, but I'm not quite sure that's exactly what he was talking about. Yea, I'll just stop right now.

Regardless, these DC athletes, current and future, are really making an effort to reach out to their fans, and I couldn't be happier. The times they are a changin', huh?