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Report: Clinton Portis Is Redskins' Starter At Running Back Right Now

As has been noted many times, the Redskins have a lot of guys who could start at running back next year. Sure, they're all players who would have dominated three years ago, but they're still big names now. The Redskins have already brought in Willie Parker and Larry Johnson, and they could bring in Brian Westbrook too.

But despite all that, it looks like this is Clinton Portis' job for now, at least if Kyle Shanahan is to be believed. Via Rick Maese:

In case there was any question, Clinton Portis is Redskins starting RB heading into training camp, says OC Kyle Shanahan    

I'm glad this got cleared up, because personally, I wasn't sure whether Portis would get his job back. For now, I guess he will.