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Poll: John Lannan To Triple-A?

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When John Lannan took the mound on opening day for the Nationals, most people assumed that he wouldn't be the team's best starter by the end of the season. That said, I don't think anyone could have imagined that he would arguably be the team's worst pitcher either.


Lannan has an ERA of 5.76, which is the worst of any National, and the second worst in the entire National League, trailing only Wandy Rodriguez. He's only had three starts where he has given up less than six hits this season and in his last three starts, he has given up 31 hits and 15 earned runs. Adam Kilgore and Nationals Daily News are both speculating Lannan could be on the verge of a demotion to Syracuse.


But are we getting a little trigger-happy, here? Last season, Lannan had a solid season and he's only 25, so it's not like he's over the hill. But still, a 5.76 ERA is a 5.76 ERA. The choice is yours, folks.