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Over 100,000 Come To Nationals Park Over The Weekend Despite Heat, Losing

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Although the Nationals got a little wave-happy at Friday night's game, you have to give it up for Nationals fans for getting out to the park this weekend. As Ben Goessling reported, over 108,575 fans made their way to NatsTown for the three-game series between the Nationals and the White Sox. Here are the game-by-game breakdowns.

  • Friday - 40,325
  • Saturday - 36,487
  • Sunday - 31,763

Sure, that won't blow away any attendance records, but it's not bad for a team that's been averaging just over 23,000 per game this season. Certainly, Strasburg's start on Friday skews those numbers somewhat, but fans kept coming on Saturday and Sunday, despite the team's losing streak and oppressive heat over the last few days. The temperatures at opening pitch this weekend have been 81, 90 and 87, respectively, with plenty of humidity to go along with the heat. 

Sure, the temperatures weren't Sahara-desert like, but it wasn't exactly the kind of weather that people clamor to sit outside in, either.

The attendance this weekend is an encouraging sign for the Nationals. It shows that fans who are coming to see Strasburg are coming back for more, even when #37 isn't on the mound. Better yet, it appears that fair-weather label on most Nationals fans might slowly, but surely, start to disappear.