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Jammal Brown: "I Couldn't Be In A Better Situation."

Jammal Brown expressed his happiness at becoming a Redskin in an interview with Rick Maese of the Washington Post today.

"I've been wanting this to happen for the past couple of months, but we just had to let everything play out, let the draft get done, let everything settle where it needs to settle. I talked to my agent earlier this week. He told me we were going to go for the big punch now. We went for it, and now I'm a Redskin. I couldn't be in a better situation."

Brown went on to explain how he and fellow Oklahoma Sooner Trent Williams will be a great fit for Mike Shanahan's zone blocking scheme that places an emphasis on quick athletic tackles.

"If you look back at the Denver lines, they didn't have the biggest lines. Me and Trent aren't the biggest tackles. So we understand the concept of getting on the angle, getting off the ball, creating gaps for running backs to be able to run through. When Coach Shanahan was in Denver, no matter who he had in the backfield, they were good. They got their 1,000 yards. So any time, as an O-linemen, you see that, you know it's a good scheme and you want to be a part of it."

But there was one line from the interview that should hit home for all Redskins fans.

"I'm going to play wherever they want me to play. I'm just excited to be here and to be a part of a first-class program."

A player who is willing to play wherever his coaches want him to play? What a great concept!