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Greg Monroe Works Out For Warriors on Sunday, Could Be Selection At No. 6

Greg Monroe worked out for the Golden State Warriors on Sunday and did nothing to hurt his status as the the possible top pick of the organization. Marcus Thompson II of the Oakland Tribune reports that Monroe took part in three-on-three drills at the Warrior's practice facility, and matched up well against St. Mary's big Omar Samhan. The Georgetown Center remains a top choice of the organization due to his combination of passing and ball movement skills which Warrior's GM Don Nelson is know to covet in his big men:

Monroe is one of the leading candidates to be the Warriors' top pick. Nelson said Monroe's experience in Georgetown's Princeton-style offense — which is centered on cutting, passing and ball movement — is a plus because it gave him opportunities at various spots on the court. The Warriors like big men with perimeter skills.

Other candidates for the Warrior's pick are DeMarcus Cousins from Kentucky as well as Wake Forest's PF Al-Faroq Aminu.  I would be shocked, however, if the Warriors selected Cousins with their pick, as his off the court issues are exactly what that organization doesn't need. Monroe doesn't solve most of the Warrior's problems, but his selection would signify a move away from high risk/high upside modus operandi of the organization