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Jammal Brown Provides Depth On Offensive Line; Protects Valuable Investment

Hogs Haven is excited over the the acquisition of Jammal Brown. Brown provides not only the depth on the offensive line that the Redskins have been missing for years, but also adds further protection to their most valuable asset, Donovan McNabb.

We now get to put in that huge in-ground pool, that up until this point, we didn't have enough money in the bank to cover the check we wrote.  That pool is one Mr. Donovan McNabb, who was brought to Washington to resurrect a beleaguered franchise.  But what good is a pool, if the check we wrote to have it installed is going to bounce.  Well, hopefully the Redskins front office will not have to face that problem.  Maybe now, the pool will be installed as soon as the ground thaws, and we can focus on just adding water.  After that, its all fun and games.

This move is another satisfying step towards demonstrating that the days of Vinny Cerrato are over at Redskins Park. Brown is by no means a flashy pickup, but it is the type of player acquisition move that organizations like the Eagles and Giants have been making for years. It demonstrates an understanding by the organization that the Redskins are only going to win this year if McNabb stays upright, and that with his history of injuries, the acquisition of capable offensive linemen should and will remain a priority for the team.