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Alexander Semin Being Actively Shopped, True Worth Has Yet To Be Ascertained

The rumors continue to build steam that Alexander Semin might have played his last game as a Washington Capital. Slam! Sports is the latest to report that Capitals GM George McPhee has been actively shopping the forward, who is known as much for disappearing in big games as he is for his scintillating goals:

Sources say the Caps have offered winger Alexander Semin all around the league.He has one year at $6 milliion left on his contract, and is a looming unrestricted free agent after the season.

Now, as accurate as these "sources" may be, the next line of the article should give you some indication as to how seriously Capitals fans should consider this rumor.

Nobody is sure what Semin may fetch, although there's a belief the Caps will want two high-end prospects and a pick.

Now, I'm a huge proponent of the "smoke/fire" theory of rumors. If enough "Insiders" are talking about how Semin is likely to be moved, then McPhee probably has been offering him around the league and attempting to ascertain his worth. However, the very fact that there are no concrete offers that have been profiled as yet leads me to the belief that these rumors are mainly wishful thinking from other NHL fans that they can acquire a 40 goal scorer on the cheap.

If McPhee is offering Semin around, he is mostly likely doing his due diligence as a GM, as it would appear that the Capitals will be unable to resign Semin next year due to the salary cap crunch. Perhaps Semin will take a cut in his salary to remain playing alongside his buddy Ovie, but I doubt it when there are teams like the Rangers who are always willing to overpay for a player of Semin's caliber.

If Slam! Sports is correct, and that the asking price for Semin is two high-end prospects and a top pick, it might be overreaching on the Capitals part, but it is the type of initial offer that is first placed on the table before being argued down. If the Capitals did receive such a haul for Semin, I for one would be overjoyed. If the team has demonstrated anything in the past few years of success, it is that the key to building a successful NHL franchise in the modern age is through the construction of an outstanding farm system. The Capitals have become a premier franchise due the constant flow of accomplished players emerging for Hershey, and if Alexander Semin has to be sacrificed to restock that pipeline then I for one am all for for it.