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Gauging Greivis Vasquez and Greg Monroe's Draft Value

With the NBA Finals out of the way, hoop aficionados everywhere are beginning to turn their attention to the NBA Draft, which means plenty of mock drafts to analyze and examine between now and Thursday night.

Everyone knows who the Wizards will be taking with their No.1 pick, but the future homes of local products Greg Monroe and Greivis Vasquez are a little murkier. Monroe appears to be a lock to go somewhere in the first 10 picks, while Vasquez's looks like he'll be going in the late first round or early second round. You can check out a full breakdown of some of the most prominent mock drafts after the jump.

First, let's start with a round-up of where mock drafts have Greg Monroe landing. See if you can spot the trend:

Safe to say it looks like Greg Monroe is headed to the West Coast. The Kings and Warriors both have a need for a big man and Greg Monroe would help either team shore up their front court.

Because most mocks don't cover the second round, there isn't as much of a consensus on where Vasquez will land, but here are the picks from the places that are forecasting into the second round.

It shouldn't be surprising to see Vasquez sprayed around the board. After the lottery, it becomes a real tossup for the rest of the players left in the draft. I'll admit, I'll be a bit surprised to see Vasquez go at No. 28 to Memphis, but if he gets taken there, it would be a testament to some impressive pre-draft workouts. Otherwise, I think the first half of the second-round is the most likely spot for him to wind up, which would put him in prime range for the Wizards to draft Vasquez with at No.30 or No.35.