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Jammal Brown Won't Be Reminding His New Teammates He Won A Super Bowl

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Part of what made Jammal Brown an expendable commodity in New Orleans is that he wasn't truly a part of the Saints' Super Bowl run. He missed all of last season with a sports hernia and a hip injury while the Saints went on to win the title without him. It enabled the Saints to play hardball with his contract during the off-season and prompted Brown to seek a trade, which he finally received last Saturday.

Despite not helping the Saints on the field, Jammal Brown received a Super Bowl ring for being a part of the team last season. That said, don't expect to see him walking around Redskins Park with his bling, according to Jeff Duncan:

For the record, Brown did get a SB44 ring but says he won't wear it b/c he did not earn it on the field. Will give it to his father instead.

(Just so we're clear, Brown, who doesn't feel like he earned his Super Bowl ring, is giving the ring to his father, who also didn't do anything to earn the ring. Makes perfect sense.)

It's nice to see that Brown doesn't feel like he earned his Super Bowl ring, which only make him more motivated to help the Redskins win a Super Bowl that he has a part in winning.