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Dan Snyder Can't Help But Say All The Wrong Things

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Dan Snyder gave an interview to Alex Marvez at Fox Sports the other day and had some very interesting things to say about what he's learned in owning the Redskins, especially after having Joe Gibbs coach here. Lets take a look at one of the more interesting quotes from Mr. Snyder:

"I learned - and I think this has to do with Joe Gibbs - the most important thing for me personally is to have a head coach who is extremely competent," said Snyder

Didn't Joe Gibbs come before Jim Zorn? How on earth can he say he learned this lesson from Joe Gibbs, when he didn't apply it until after Jim Zorn. Shouldn't he have said that he learned from Jim Zorn that a football team needs a competent head coach because after Zorn's spectacular flame-out Snyder realized he needed someone who actually knew what they were doing? Either way, wow, talk about beating a dead horse huh? He already ruined Jim Zorn's name by putting him in a position to fail, and fail he did, but to keep bashing him just is a little classless isn't it? C'mon Dan, leave Zorn alone

Danny continued on saying:

 "I enjoyed myself with Joe Gibbs. I think the fans enjoyed his past three years. Now, we're really able to pick it up with Mike and Bruce. It's exciting again, but it's going to take some time. We're going to be patient and build something special here.    

Wait, what about the last two years of misery? No mention of that? I didn't enjoy the past three years if you're including the two with Zorn and Joe Gibbs last, lame duck, season. As a matter of fact, I really didn't enjoy Joe Gibbs second stint as head coach of the Redskins. Even that one year they made the playoffs they were a miserable team to watch. The offense was atrocious, there were weeks without touchdowns...WEEKS!

When I was watching those Joe Gibbs II games, I thought that the Redskins were playing some of the most bland and uninspired football I had ever seen...until Jim Zorn. Even the defense, for all its high rankings, wasn't particularly exciting except when Sean Taylor was near the ball. That guy was electric. Other than #21, there really hasn't been much enjoyment in watchin Redskins football for most of the past decade for myself.

Also, did he just say that the Redskins are going to be patient? Tell me how trading draft picks for a mid 30s quarterback is being patient? How is trading another draft pick for an offensive lineman who is turning 30 soon being patient? How about accumulating a trio of running backs that would have been awesome to have in 2004 and trying to acquire a fourth aged running back to flesh out our "veteran" group. Are we all going to just patiently sit and watch these guys get older and more injured? I dont think I really want to see that.

Finally, Danny closes by saying:

"I'm just enjoying the ride."

I think this might be the first thing Dan Snyder has said that I actually do agree with. As much as I complain, I cannot stop watching this because eventually, this team will turn itself around...and I want to be there. Strap yourselves in though...its a pretty bumpy ride trying to get to the top.