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Morning Commute: Can Dan Snyder Learn Like Ted Leonsis?

Stuck in D.C. traffic? Here's your daily morning roundup.    

The short answer: probably not. But in the spirit of fair play, I'll at least consider the remote possibility.

Like many of you, I found Dan Snyder's quotes about sitting back and letting the football people do their jobs quite disingenuous. He's had some great football minds in his organization before, and that hasn't stopped him from meddling. I'm not exactly holding my breath awaiting a brand new Dan Snyder.

But at the same time, it has to be noted that Ted Leonsis was once like Snyder too. His first big move as the owner of the Washington Capitals was to throw a bucket of money at Jaromir Jagr. His first move as part-owner of the Wizards was to convince Michael Jordan to come out of retirement. Both were quick-fix decisions that hamstrung the long-term development of his teams. 

Eventually, though, Leonsis learned and adjusted his philosophy, and now, his teams are reaping the benefits. He's proof that owners can change. So in that spirit, it's at least worth thinking, if for just a flickering moment, that maybe Dan Snyder can also change. Snyder's been doing things the wrong way for far longer than Leonsis, but sometimes it takes longer for people to get it. Who knows? Maybe Snyder really gets it this time.

Okay, probably not. But hey, optimism rules, right?

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