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How Being Traded To The Redskins Benefits Jamaal Brown

When a trade is evaluated, usually we only look at how it benefits each of the teams involved. Very rarely do we look at how it will benefit the players involved. John DeShazier of the Times Picayune looks at Jamaal Brown's trade to the Washington redskins from Jamaal's perspective, and explains why he might be the biggest winner in the trade.

The Saints simply could've squeezed Brown this season and basically whittled his options down to signing his one-year, $3.619 million tender or sitting out the season. Given that option, Brown most certainly would've caved and come in for the money.

The trade alleviated the Saints of a potential financial burden, but it also ,eant a couple changes for Brown

First, he gets a better opportunity to play, given that the Redskins won't have anyone as accomplished as him playing right tackle, the position he'll move to and the spot he played as a rookie in New Orleans.

Second - and better, where Brown is concerned - he'll have a much better chance to get the contract and terms the Saints didn't have the inclination, or necessity, to give him.

Sometimes a trade works out for everybody involved. The Saints clarified their depth chart, and moved a problem contract. the Redskins got much needed help along the offensive line. And Jamaal Brown got a change of scenery, an opportunity to start, and a better chance at getting paid. Classic Win, Win, Win.