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Albert Haynesworth Has, Like, No Money Left Already

This is exactly the type of story I expect to see Albert Haynesworth's name associated with. Somehow, I see him following something similar to the Antoine Walker financial strategy. He just received a fat $21 million roster bonus, and now he is already being sued by a bank for not making payments on a loan. Clayton Bank & Trust filed a lawsuit against the exiled Redskin last week claiming that he was making good on a loan he took from the bank in June of 2009, according to Hogs Haven, according to Knox News.


Before you check the calendar, yes, that was only about 6 months after he signed his $100 million dollar contract with the Skins. Haynesworth is losing money faster than BP right now. Good luck getting that signing bonus back Redskins, its already been invested in a solid gold hot tub. Try your own Albert Haynesworth zingers in the comments below.


(HT: Hogs Haven).