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Because You Needed To Be Even More Excited About John Wall's Potential

All that stuff John Wall did in his one brilliant season at Kentucky wasn't enough. All those highlight reel drunks, and pin-point passes, they didn't get you excited enough about John Walls potential. You thought you were, but clearly you weren't.

Luckily, ESPN's sportscience decided to measure, with actual numbers and stuff, John Wall's physical ability to play the point guard position. The results are pretty scary, a little bit unnecessary, but impressive none the less. Links via Bullets Forever, and D.C. Sports Bog.

His speed is measured in the first installment and, not surprisingly, he is very very fast. Faster than Chris Paul and Deron Williams no less. That's fun, but a lot of guys are fast. Sebastian Telfair is super fast. What really seperates Wall from other point guard prospects was measured in the segment's second installment.

In an experiment that was equal parts pre-draft workout and Bill Nye episode, Sports Science set out to evaluate just how good John Wall's vision is. Wall must throw a no look pass through one of three rings set up in his peripheral vision. I was very skeptical about the experiemnt when they were setting it up, because it seemed like it was kind of a fool's errand. I wasn't sure that it woud actually show me something.

Then John Wall threw a behind the back pass right through the ring on his first attempt and I was won over. When he decided to go no look through the legs on the second go round and still nailed it, I had seen enough. You can go ahead and bump that John Wall hype up to the next level.