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Wizards 2010 Draft Stream: Wizads Want Another First Round Pick

Thursday's NBA Draft is already going to bring tremndous change to the Washington Wizards, with John Wall a lock to go first overall, and two more picks at 30th and 35th overall. But the team doesn't seem to be happy with just the first and last picks of the first round, from Michael Lee,

Wiz actively in pursuit of another pick in 12-26 range. Obvious targets have been contacted - MEM, MIN, OKC, ATL & MIA - & many others.

Let's be honest: the Wizards can use all the help they can get. Any move that brings more talent, particularly talent that meshes well with young Mr. Wall, has to be considered a move in the right direction. If acquiring another first-round pick is the best way to do that, than it is a path worth exploring.