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Morning Commute: How Much Better Can You Get In One Draft?

Stuck in D.C. traffic? Here's your daily morning roundup.   

The upcoming NBA Draft is going to be an incredibly important moment in the history of the Washington Wizards franchise. Of course It starts with adding John Wall. But with two other picks in the top 35, and the rumors that the club is attempting to acquire another one, this draft presents an opportunity for the Wizards to get better in a hurry. Not immediate contender, but definitely better.

So how much can a team really improve in one night, over the course of just about three hours? If you think the team can be completely re-built by Friday morning, than I encourage you to temper your expectations. But it is entirely possible that the Wizards can emerge from this draft with one potential superstar in Wall, and two or three other competent role players, who could develop into starters on a winning team.

There is plenty of talent in this draft. Not a ton of superstar talent, but luckily we have that covered up top. There are, however, good players at the end of the first round that could make a real difference. Get excited about what Wall can bring to the table, but don't forget the Wizards will have a lot of other opportunities to improve on Thursday night, after the first overall pick.

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