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Some Early Madden Ratings (Or The Moment You've All Been Waiting For)

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There's a generation of young Americans who's calendar resets not at the beginning of January, but towards the end of Summer when a new version of Madden NFL Football is released. The only people who are more anxious for the release of the game is the players themselves.

Sure, they like to play the game, but the real reason players need to get their hands on the new editions of Madden is so they can see how they are rated in this year's edition of the game, and how that rating stacks up against some of their peers. The Madden rating does not dictate how good a player is in real life, but in a lot of circles it can change how a player is perceived. Its the only numerical evaluation of a player's ability, and while it is by no means completely accurate, the players want to see how they measure out. Some early ratings have been released, and the results for some of our favorite Redskins is mixed. Reaction after the jump.

(H/T: Matt Terl - Redskins Blog)

  • Laron Landry is rated as 5th best SS, with an overall score of 87. The only reasonable explanations are; 1. The Madden programmers only saw his combine information, and were refused access to any sort of game footage. 2. This is a new, touch football edition of Madden, therefore not requiring the players to do any tackling.
  • Brian Orakpo is the 7th highest rated left outside linebacker, but his overall score of 85 leads me to believe he is being at least somewhat underrated. 
  • Chris Coley can not be happy that he has the same ranking as Kellen Winslow. Apparently there is no likability component.
  • Newly Acquired left tackle Jamaal Brown is rated at a somewhat surprising 91, considering he missed most of the last season with an injury. However, on any overrating, we won't complain.

Overall, that isn't so bad. fans of a given team are always going to look at players they love and be disappointed in their rating, but by my estimation, Madden actually did a pretty good job here. Then again, the more accurate roster will come with the first update, when the programmers have had a chance to see these guys in pads.

So Chris Cooley, if you're bummed about being rated 8 points lower than Jason Witten, don't fret. You'll have the chance to make up that ground.