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Greivis Vasquez Expects To Be Taken In The First Round; Jay Bilas Weighs In

If there is one thing you can say about Greivis Vasquez it's that he never lacks confidence. The latest display? His thoughts on where he might go in Thursday's NBA Draft, via The Baltimore Sun:

"A lot of people are going to be shocked," he said recently, in between workouts for several NBA clubs.

According to the article at the Sun, Vasquez is expecting to be taken in the first round. The Memphis Grizzlies have expressed interest in taking Vasquez at No. 28. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas backs him up:

"I'd rather have a guy like him who shows some emotion than somebody you have to beg to play," Bilas said. "You don't have to wind that guy up. I think it's easier to calm a guy's emotions down than to jack him up. His stuff is all good."

Hear that world? His stuff is all good:

"It's kind of the old style, the way it used to be. A kid developed in college. You didn't think he was that good as a freshman or sophomore, he matured as a junior and then as a senior he became a really good player," Bilas said. "Those days are gone now. Now we tend to look with a little jaundiced eye at things; a kid sticks around he's got more flaws."