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Gary Williams On Greivis Vasquez, Who Reportedly Won't Get Past Miami At No. 32

The person who probably know the most about Greivis Vasquez and his NBA potential is Gary Williams. Williams was Vasquez's biggest fan at Maryland, but also his harshest critic. His thoughts on Vasquez before Thursday's NBA Draft, via D1scourse:

"I think he'd be great for any NBA team just because of the things he can do," Williams said. "He's 6-6, he's up to 205 now. No player on a team will work harder than he does. There's a lot of guys that work hard and they can work as hard as Greivis, but no player will work harder. He's gotten better as an athlete this year. He's improved his jumping and his quickness. Anything you want to measure."

Those are big words from the man who was as hard on Vasquez as he was on any player on the team. If Williams thinks your hard worker, you are definitely not lacking hustle. But we knew that about Greivis. His comments on his athleticism, might be more important to teams who don't think he has the quicks to stay with guards on defense.


Adrian Wojarnaski is now reporting that if Vasquez slips into the second round, he won't have to wait very long to be picked. Miami at No. 32, the pick they just acquired from the Thunder, will take Vasquez if he is still on the board.