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Report: Warriors Leaning Toward Ekpe Udoh, Not Greg Monroe, At No. 6

Greg Monroe has been projected to go all over the later half of the top 10 in Thursday's NBA draft, including frequently to the Golden State warriors at No. 6. It is now be reported that if the Warriors miss out on DeMarcus Cousins, they will likely choose Baylor's Ekpe Udoh over Monroe. From Chad Ford, via Warrior Wire:

If the Kings take Cousins at 5, we’re left with an interesting scenario at No. 6 in Golden State. We’ve had Greg Monroe pegged there for a week, but after a poor workout, the Warriors are now leaning away from Monroe. A plugged in source tells us that Ekpe Udoh is now the favorite to land in Golden State if Cousins and Favors are off the board.

After the Warriors at No. 6, there are other teams that need a big man, including The Pistons at No. 7, the Jazz at No. 9, and the Pacers at No. 10. So if Monroe is still on the board at No. 6, and the Warriors choose to pass on him, he is still unlikely to go outside of the top 10.