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Half Smoke Hypothetical: Your Perfect Wizards Draft

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Half Smokes Hypothetical is a daily discussion where we throw out a D.C. sports-related question based on the news of the day. It's a hypothetical discussion, which is what makes it fun (we hope).


The NBA Draft is tonight and may I just say, OMG. Huge night for the Wizards, and it only just begins with John Wall. With all the teams trying to align themselves for a run at the free agents this summer, there's the possibility that there will be picks and players available through trade, and the Wizards figure to be might busy.


There's a million different things that can happen tonight, but we want to know what will happen. According to you anyway.


What is your perfect draft night for the Wizards? And lets keep it realistic people -- no "Blatche for Kobe" trade ideas. If you were Ernie Grunfeld tonight, what trades or picks would you like to see made?