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'Stephen Strasburg Should Not Make The All-Star Team' (Let's Hear Him Out Before We Riot)

When I read that headline I said, "Jeff Bergin of Nationals Daily News, you've got 500 words to explain yourself before we revoke your membership to, ummm ..." (Do we have a name like "Red Sox Nation?" I don't think we do. I propose, "The Nationals' Lobby." Sleep on it, let me know.)

Anywho, whatever it is you call the collective group of Nationals fans, that's what I was ready to kick Mr. Bergin out of, when I saw that he felt that Stephen Strasburg should not make the All-Star Game this summer. I suppressed my rage and decided to read what he had to say before trying to find an address with which to address my strongly worded letter of disagreement.

The major reason has nothing to do with Strasburg and is driven by the sheer dominance of pitching this year in the National League.

I'm listening. More after the jump.

In 2010, there are 25 pitchers in the NL with at least 13 starts and an ERA under 3.50.  There are 6 with ERAs under 2.50 and 14+ starts, and there are three with ERA's under 2.00 and 14+ starts.  There are two rookies with 14 starts each and ERAs under 3.00 (Jaime Garcia 1.74, Mike Leake 2.92).

Last year, only 14 pitchers made the N.L. All-Star roster. That's 25 guys who are arguably more qualified for the All-Star game than Strassy; a much harder rotation than the Nationals' to crack.

You win this time Bergin, but only because it turns out your analysis was more about other pitchers than it was about Strasburg. Riot canceled.