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Report: Wizards Want Kirk Hinrich To 'Mentor' John Wall

The exact details of the trade are still unknown, but we might be starting to gain a little insight into why the Wizards were interested in acquiring Kirk Hinrich. From Mike Jones of CSN Washington.

A league source said that the Wizards were in search of a veteran point guard to mentor Wall, and Hinrich would meet that need. The 17th pick also gives the rebuilding Wizards another young talent to groom. It is believed that the Wizards want to select an older college big man.

That's well and good, but what does it say about the veteran point guard who is already on the roster, Gilbert Arenas? Could this mean that the Wizards are planning on moving Arenas? Or more likely that they don't want Wall to grow up like Agent 0 has. Either way, this might just the beginning of roster movement for the Wizards. Let the speculation begin.