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John Wall's Selection Makes It A Banner Year for Wizards

The Washington Wizards unveiled their first step in the John Wall media blitz last night by hanging large banners on the Verizon Center which proclaim Wall a "game changer." has all the photos from the launch:


(All photos copyright Adam McGinnis)

Of course, the last time the Wizards were involved with banners, it involved the taking down of Gilbert Arenas' banner following gungate, and the subsequent removal of his name and likeness from the Verizon Center.  This latest move on the Wizards' part is a clear demonstration that the Wizards will be making a clean break from the Big 3 era, and plan construct all marketing and team initiatives around Wall in the future.

After the jump, take a look at some more photos from the newly bedecked Verizon Center.


This is great and all, but I was really hoping to see some Seraphin banners on the Verizon Center instead. Maybe with some pithy French expressions. I think the Wizards' really missed a marketing opportunity.