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Debbie Yow Receives Five-Year Contract To Be N.C. State's Athletic Director

Patrick Stevens is reporting that Debbie Yow's contract to become the athletic director at North Carolina State is for five years and $350,000 annually, which is a step down from what she was making at Maryland.

Debbie Yow has agreed to a five-year contract with N.C. State to become the school's athletic director, leaving Maryland after 16 seasons.

Yow, who will be introduced during a 2 p.m. press conference at Carter-Finley Stadium, will make $350,000 annually. She will also receive $100,000 in supplemental income.

She was guaranteed more than $350,000 at Maryland as part of a contract signed in January 2007. It was to expire in 2013.

She also got a country club membership, for what it's worth.