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Yow Departs, This Terps Fan Reacts

The University of Maryland lost two of its most important figures yesterday: Greivis Vasquez and Debbie Yow.

One departs as one of the most likeable, talented, compelling, and entertaining basketball players the school has ever seen.

The other departs in an unfortunate light that has recently overshadowed her 16 championships in 15 years as Maryland's Athletic Director.

Why? Because she messed with Gary.

You don't mess with Gary.

The players love him. The students love him. The alumni love him.

Yow could have rode off into the sunset and retired at Maryland with a fantastic track record that included the school's first ever Men's Basketball championship in 2002 and first ever Women's Basketball championship in 2006, not to mention numerous soccer and lacrosse championships.

Instead, Yow is leaving Maryland having made the terrible mistake of trying to rid the University of Gary Williams in 2009, as recently detailed by John Feinstein. Give the fans a choice between supporting an overly visible A.D. and supporting their heroic basketball coach, and you know who we will choose every time.

She's no Greivis. And she's certainly no Gary.