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Rumor: Wizards Still Want Vince Carter

We heard before the draft that the Wizards had discussed with the Orland Magic the possibility of a straight swap of Gilbert Arenas for Vince Carter. Obviously that deal fell through, as the Magic likely and understandably found Arenas' contract to be undesirable.

But that doesn't mean that the Wizards have given up on the idea of acquiring the eight-time All-Star. According to Alex Kennedy of Hoops World, multiple sources have indicated that Carter may still be coming to Washington in exchange for Randy Foye, Al Thornton, and newly acquired Kirk Hinrich.

Vince Carter would be considered more of a "good character" type player that the Wizards are thought to be seeking, but this move would not solve the GIlbert problem, and would instead create even more salary cap concerns.

Pretty intriguing though.