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Half Smokes Highlights: Hopefully John Wall Dominates The NBA Like He Does NBA Jam

Each weekend, we'll take a look at some of the best D.C. related videos the internet hast to offer with Half Smokes Highlights.

For us non-athletic types, video games represent the best chance to live out our dreams of being a superstar athlete without a 40-inch vertical leap. But that doesn't mean that athletes don't enjoy spending some time playing virtual versions of the sport they love.

Before getting drafted on Thursday night, John Wall got the opportunity to play the new NBA Jam with fellow draftees Ekpe Udoh, Wesley Johnson and Luke Babbitt. The title of this post spoils the final result of their game, but after you watch the video I guarantee you'll be impressed with how easily Wall picks up the game. If he can handle that, Flip Saunders' play book should be a piece of cake, right?