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Caleb Herbert Goes To The Capitals In Round Five

The Capitals added more offensive firepower with their fourth pick in the NHL Draft, selecting Caleb Herbert. Herbert is expected to play one year in the USHL before enrolling at the University of Minnesota in 2011, according to Western College Hockey Blog, who had this to say about his potential:

Herbert definitely seems like a boom-or-bust type of prospect, whose future will depend on his ability to keep scoring lots of goals, something that may be tougher as he faces better, and perhaps more importantly at his size, bigger, more physical competition. But there is certainly enough talent there to justify using a mid-to-late round draft pick on him.

Herbert definitely appears to be a project pick, but with a fifth-round pick, it's a fairly safe gamble.

At this point, I should probably mention that the Capitals have yet to select a defenseman with any of their picks. Not an indictment, just an observation.