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Albert Haynesworth Takes Two Steps In The Right Direction

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They say a journey of a thousand miles (the approximate distance between Albert Haynesworth and the good graces of Redskins Nation) begins with a single step. If there's anything to that saying, than perhaps Haynesworth is beginning his long, long trek back to respectability.


The Tennesseean is reporting Albert Haynesworth settled two small-claims lawsuits in Nashville this weekend over some unpaid engineering expenses. That's a good start!


As Pro Football Talk points out, he still has to settle lawsuits with his ex-wife, a stripper and a bank in Tennessee. That's still a problem, but he's getting there! It might be easy to criticize Albert at a time like this, but ask yourself: How many lawsuits have you settled this week? If the answer is less than, or equal to two, I don't think you have any room to criticize Albert this week.