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Morning Commute: The Nationals Aren't Winning One-Run Games Anymore

Everything you need to know about D.C. Sports in one place.

Should we really be surprised that the Nationals lost three consecutive one-run games to the Orioles? Well, okay, the answer is yes, because they're the Orioles. 

But three one-run losses? That shouldn't be too surprising. The fact of the matter is, over the long run, no team can consistently win close games. No matter how good your bullpen is, no matter how composed your team is, things happen in one-run games that swing the outcome. The best teams don't rely on winning close games; they will sprinkle in close wins with blowout wins to make life easier on themselves. 

Even when they were winning, the Nats weren't doing that. To a certain extent, they were getting some breaks to get those wins. Now, those breaks aren't there, and the Nationals are losing. They're regressing back to the mean, and their record is suffering because of it.

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